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Zähl has never produced high quantities and the main focus was analog. Despite of these facts the clientele is widely spread: Recording studios for Rock, Pop or Electronic Music, but also Classical Music – Mixing/PostPro/Mastering studios – musician’s private studios.
For Broadcast Intercom references please check the broadcast intercom page.

Mark Ernestus working the AM1

A Selection of our customers

Mark Ernestus Germany
Tobi Neumann (Riverside Studios) Germany
Ricardo Villalobos Germany
Thomas Franzmann aka Zip Germany
Carl Craig USA
Burnt Friedmann Germany
Tassilo Ippenberger/Pan-Pot (Riverside Studios) Germany
Richard Belkner (Free Energy Device Studios) Australia
Martin Gretschmann (Acid Pauli/Console) Germany
Ben Klock Germany
Aphex Twin UK
Chemical Brothers UK
Alex Hamadey USA
Nils Frahm Germany
Devon Analogue UK
Jamie Lidell USA
René Pawlowitz Germany
Cristian Vogel Denmark
Klaus Hill Australia
Chris Allen UK
Rashad Becker Germany
dbridge UK
Günter Pauler Germany
Robert Henke Germany
Calyx & Teebee UK
Dubplates & Mastering Germany
Wookie UK
Calibre Northern Ireland
Richard Divine USA
zimmerli SOUNDS Germany
WDR Germany
sonopress Gütersloh Germany