Rack 500 Dual

500 series desktop case with external PSU

Rack 500 Dual

High quality Level


Concerning quality, our 500 series products are as accurate as top class 19” audio equipment. The only catch: The rack they are operated in has to be at the same quality level. Otherwise the user can not benefit the superb performance. Rack 500 Dual provides what we think is the best technical environment for 500 series units. It holds up to two single space modules or one double space module.

By its compact and lightweight design it can be easily placed in the “sweet spot” when being operated.

Rack 500 Dual

Special Features

External PSU

External PSU with power transformer, rectifier, filtering and pre-stabilization can be placed up to 6m away from rack avoiding any interference.

Rack 500 External PSU
Power Regulators

Power Regulators

for +/-16V and +48V inside rack. Optimal, extremely short audio signal path, XLR connectors and module connectors on same PCB.

High grade connectors

High grade connectors, power STANDBY switch, +48V switchable for each slot.

High Grade Connectors
Rack 500 Manual Download PDF

Details Rack 500

More Design Features

  • fully compatible to API 500 series standard with 4-XLR backpanel
  • compatible to API 500 series standard with 8-XLR backpanel, but no 48V supply
  • Linear power circuitry, no interference from clock pulses etc.
  • 6m cable run between PSU and Rack
  • 115V and 230V 50-60Hz versions available

How to order

To buy a Rack 500 or ask a question please contact Chris Parkinson below.


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