Conny Plank Studio

where it all began...

Conny's Studio. For many years the technical nerve centre of Conny Plank's Studio: Custom built 56-channel inline console.

Can Studio

Sometimes the past is fairly close

Can Studio with Zähl console has been reconstructed in Rock'n'Pop Museum Gronau, Germany. Link to photos of the opening


our classic

The Channel-Strip. Excellent Mic/Line Preamp, Hi-Cut, Lo-Cut, Deesser, EQ, Kompressor, Limiter, dynamics stereo-linkable between two units. Launched 15 years ago, carefully crafted by hand. Many units are still in use in broadcast and recording studios.


Analog dual Commentator

Analogue dual commentator's unit with comprehensive intercom section. Fail-safe powered by battery, integrated charger. Great audio performance. Project was initiated in the 90s by RTL engineers who needed equipment tailored to their specs with higher demands for sound quality than usual - mainly for sport events like Tennis or Formula 1 all around the world. In regular use up to 2005. Possibly the most travelled piece of Zähl equipment ever.