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Product teaser AM1 mixing console

AM1 Mixing Console

Consistently analog approach designed for hands-on, real-time mixing. Modular concept. Check out product

Product teaser EQ1 stereo equalizer

EQ1 Stereo Equalizer

Zähl EQ from the state-of-the-art mixing console AM1 in the API 500 Format. Check out product

product teaser IM1 insert master

IM1 M/S Insert Master

Stereo I/Os, insert with dry/wet and Mid/Side option, stereo base control, in the space of two 500 series modules. Check out product

product teaser rack 500 dual

Rack 500 Dual

Zähl 500 series desktop case with external PSU. The environment we would like to operate our 500 gear in. Check out product

HM1 Reference Headphones Mixing Amplifier

HM1 Reference Headphones Mixing Amplifier

Reference Amplifier with unprecedented transparency and precision, attention to detail and massive power performance. Check out product

Teaser image Zähl special designs

Special Designs

A selection of special designs by Zähl. Check out special designs

Teaser image Zähl product history


A collection of product-milestones in our history. Check out history

Teaser image Zähl broadcast intercom

Broadcast Intercom

Our range of broadcast related products. Find out more about our services, references and distributors. Check out products